Our Mission:

Money for most people today is founded on feelings of fear and ignorance – fear of running out, fear of being scammed, fear of not being good enough to REALLY make it, and the ignorance of never being taught how money works (it’s “not polite to talk about”, after all…)

Our mission at Clear Sky Bookkeeping and Money Coaching is simple:
to give people power over their money.

Money is a tool – a tool that responds to your energy, your thoughts, and your actions. Think you can’t make more? You won’t. Scared to track it because you’re embarrassed about your spending, or your debt, or you don’t want to live in deprivation? As your money comes in it will ooze silently back out. Feel like it’s “too complicated” or “takes too much work”? You just haven’t found the right systems (money tools) that work for you.

Taking control of your money isn’t hard, but it requires some time and energy. Once you start, and you feel the power of making conscious decisions, everything will be different. You will start living the life you’ve always imagined – one that aligns with who you are and what you REALLY want.

We are changing the world – one bank account at a time. Come join us!

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