You love your business.

It’s not always easy, but it’s yours.

You love that you can do things your way – a better way for your clients and customers. You love what you do. You love making a difference.

But you don’t love bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping is tedious. Confusing. And, you wonder, “What if I do it wrong?”

Maybe you hire someone, so it is being done (and being done correctly, you hope!) Yay!

But you have questions – from “What can I claim on my taxes?”, to “How much should I charge for this?”, to “Can I afford an employee?” and “What do I need to do to start having employees?” – and no one to ask. And you don’t really understand the numbers, or the reports (what IS a P&L, anyway?), or how to use them to help you guide your business.

(If you are like thousands of other small business owners, you don’t even know how to get into your books, or couldn’t access them if you wanted to!)

Or maybe you have a box of receipts that you’re ashamed to admit even exists. You’ll deal with it later. But it’s stressing you out and affecting your business, and you know it. You can feel it.

You know your money is important, and you are ready for more.

You would love to have someone who could explain it all, in simple terms. Someone who can help you understand your money and answer your questions, so you can make great decisions with confidence – without having to study accounting or spend hours you don’t have learning things that don’t even matter in the real world.

You, my dear, are in the right place.

Clear Sky Bookkeeping is about more than just the numbers.

We answer all your questions about the money in your business, use simple systems that you can always access, document what we are doing so you never have to wonder, and we have the expertise, knowledge, and the understanding to truly support you – and your entire business.

We are part of your team, and we’ve got your back – whether we track your money or teach you to do it yourself.


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“Emily of Clear Sky Bookkeeping has been instrumental in making sure my business finances are in order. Unfortunately, some bookkeepers do not do what they say that they are going to do – and I found this out the hard way when Emily looked at my books and realized that my bookkeeper hadn’t done any work on them in over three months! She took the time with me to get to know my unique situation and multiple businesses and projects, fix what the other bookkeeper messed up, and then continue to keep everything organized and in line so that I can know what my financial picture is.”

~ Stacy Edwards, Simplicity Social Media


Bookkeeping Pricing


Starting at:

Record Income, Expenses, Payments, and Deposits

Reconcile Bank Accounts

Watch for Missing Expenses & Potential Audit Issues

Bookkeeping Documentation System +

Free Money Matters Membership

Cash Basis Bookkeeping *

Quarterly Session with Emily ^

Monthly Session with Emily ^

Quarterly State Tax Filing (WA only)

Monthly State Tax Filing (WA only) 

Pay Bills (using

Accrual Basis Bookkeeping *

Xero File Set-up

Gusto Payroll Set-up

New Employer Consult (get your questions answered!) 

1099 Filings



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Bookkeeping Service FAQs

+ What is the bookkeeping documentation system?

We believe your books and all the information pertaining to them belong to YOU, so we create a simple shared document that shows:

  • Where your accounts are, and how far they’ve been reconciled,
  • How far we have gotten in maintaining your books,
  • What we are using as a default category for vendors you use repeatedly (though some vendors, like Amazon, we do not default – there’s no way for us to know for any given transaction!), and,
  • Any specific details about your books (for example, how we are using tracking categories, figuring commissions, or other details unique to your business).

Why do we do this? One, so you know. And two, so if you wanted, for whatever reason, to do your own books or move to a different bookkeeping company, you have some basic information to get them started on the right foot without starting from scratch and re-communicating everything you’ve already told US!

We believe in Free Range Money, after all…that you are in charge of your money, and you should be updated and free to make your own decisions – including changing bookkeepers – at any time!


* What are Cash and Accrual Basis Bookkeeping?

Cash basis means that income and expenses count in your books – and toward taxes – when they are received or paid (usually, when they go through a bank account). Accrual basis means that income and expenses hit your reports when they are invoiced or billed, which means that invoices and bills have to be entered separately. That takes longer.

Your basis was determined the first time you filed taxes for your business. If you look at your business tax forms (the Schedule C inside your 1040 for a Sole Proprietorship, or the 1120 for an S-Corp) check the section near the top that says “Accounting method”. It will be marked Cash or Accrual (or Other – we’ll need to check with your accountant about that one!) 🙂


^ What do people talk about during sessions with you?

Anything they want!

Money is the lifeblood of your business, and the flow of it shows the health of your business. Not having enough income, or having all of that income gush straight out to expenses before you get any of it are both problems. There are practical, mindset, and energetic considerations for every money topic, and we cover them all!

Some specific topics I often speak with clients about:

  • How to price your products or services, or increase your prices,
  • What you can take as a business expense, and where the “gray” is (much of the tax code isn’t black or white!),
  • Business model (AKA, how are you exchanging your time and energy for money, and how can we better make it work for you),
  • Profit First, (AKA how to pay yourself, save for taxes, AND pay business expenses),
  • Anything that starts with, “Can I afford to…” or “How can I afford to…”, and,
  • Creating systems to make things easier AND save money.
  • How to talk to someone else – a client, a joint venture partner, or a vendor, for example – about setting money boundaries, creating policy, or getting paid.

But it isn’t all about business, either. I work with individuals and couples on their personal finances as well, and while your business and personal money need to be separate, they are intricately intertwined. If something isn’t working on one side it affects the other, so we can also talk about:

  • Where your money is draining on the personal side, and how to shift it without living in deprivation,
  • How to make real progress on money issues in your relationship, (even if you’ve never been able to talk about it),
  • How to prioritize your spending, savings, and investments, or even find other ways to bring in income to take the pressure off of your business,
  • What to do with all that extra money you’ve worked so hard for, but now don’t want to mess up! (And yes, this is common. For real.)

Custom Help

You have a project, issue, or question and need a custom quote.

Sometimes, what you need doesn’t fit into a neat little package. I get it.

I am happy to talk about your project, issue, or question, and give you a custom estimate. No cost, no obligation – just two people chatting, looking at solutions, and checking the energy to see if we’re a fit.

This is for you if you want help to:

  • Clean up your books;
  • Set up and/or convert your data to Xero or Wave;
  • Catch up your back bookkeeping (happens to the best of us!);
  • Brainstorm new business models that fit your business, your personality, and your personal life; or,
  • Create and document aligned policies and procedures for employees, clients, or vendors (to be checked by your favorite lawyer, of course!)

Cost: Depends on the project.


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