Your relationship is important to you. You connect about work, kids, hopes, dreams, and, well…everything!

Everything, that is, except money.

One of you wants to spend and the other wants to save. Or one makes more than the other, and it’s becoming a problem. Or you have talked over and over about those big dreams, but the money is gone as fast as it comes in and you don’t even know where it went.

Or you just don’t communicate about it – AT ALL – because you already know that if you start a conversation, it will end up an argument. Now your money is the big, silent elephant in the middle of the room, and it isn’t going away.

And now it feels like it never will.

We get it. And yes, we can help.

Millions of couples are in the exact same situation. I mean, let’s face it – we don’t do a very good job of teaching people about money in our culture (it’s “not polite to talk about”). If you aren’t taught how to take care of your money on your own, how are you going to do it together with another person – a person with their own money mindsets, patterns, and triggers?

To really understand your money, you need three things:

  1. the clarity of knowing who you both are and what you want to create (together and individually);
  2. simple, efficient systems to keep you in the know without making you crazy;
  3. and practical tools to help you align the “what is happening” with the “what we want to build”.

Leave out one of those three vital components, and dealing with your money can feel like hiking up a shifting sand dune – energy-sucking, unstable, and discouraging.


This is about more than creating a budget – this is about understanding yourself and each other, and using that information to work together.

Using my simple, three-step process, you will get clear, aligned, and in control of your money – FAST. This isn’t just about the numbers – it’s about making decisions based on who you are, what you want, and how you think, so you control your money instead of your money controlling you.


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After working with Emily, I am confident in making powerful financial choices that support the life we want to create. Our savings has tripled. We have saved 6 months income in an emergency fund. We have saved over $500 in monthly bills, and we are making large monthly contributions to investments. It is not just a quick fix but a new outlook for our financial success now & in the future.
– Kristin White




Ah, the joy of change! I am currently in the process of re-aligning my packages with the more expansive vision of what I want to create. So exciting! That means new resources, new packages, and new ways to work with me, but it also means not having as much information for you here while I work out the details and set things up.

I will have everything up soon, but feel free to contact me before then for more information – I’m happy to share whatever details I have!

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