Face Your Fear and Get What You Want

We’ve talked about systems, why to have one, and what I use.

Whatever system you choose, it is a tool to help you make things happen with your money. Systems help you collect data – give you the practical information to guide your decisions.

In those everyday decisions lie the power to create what you want. You have the power, as soon as you are ready to take it.

But accepting that power can be scary. I get it. It is so much easier to stay in victim, helpless energy, where “it isn’t my fault” and there is “nothing I can do”. And taking your power back means you are responsible – whether you succeed or not is on you.

But why is that so hard?

Sometimes we don’t know how to get what we want, and that is a vulnerable place to be. How do we take control if we don’t know what steps to take? Sometimes taking control means we have to look at where we “messed up”, and we don’t want to face it. Or we don’t want to tell other people, or admit we need guidance. Sometimes we are simply afraid of change (even if that change would be better than the current circumstances).

Before you own your power, your vision is blocked, you aren’t open to new solutions, and you trudge slowly along in your rut with your head down, doing the same old thing and getting nowhere fast.

Despite the fact that I’m an enneagram type Eight and power is my thing (keeps me “safe”, right? HA! 🙂 ), I’ve done it – with my money, my business, my divorce, and my health, among other things.

But once you face your fear, decide you are ready to change, and commit, the Universe will rise up to meet you in ways you never imagined.

You don’t have to know how – you just have to stay focused on the end result and open to the possibilities.

And the possibilities become endless.

When your goal is to pay off $30,000 in debt and you are focused and determined, short-term “sacrifice” can become almost fun. What can I sell? Where am I spending that doesn’t serve my goal? How can I bring in more?

Opportunities pop up, and you notice them. You’re on it. And the excitement increases with each step that brings you closer to your goal, even if it is small.

(Small steps add up, remember?)

So take back your power.

DECIDE. Then COMMIT. Then FOCUS on the end goal, and stay open for the opportunities.

And, as Oprah says, take the next step, and then the next, and then the next, until your fear is just a memory and your dreams have become a reality.

Start now! What’s YOUR big goal?