Your personality and your money

I LOVE a good personality test. Whether it is me learning more about what makes me tick, or finding out another layer of someone I love, I’m all over it!

(Feel free to send me a link to your favorite test – we can bond over our results…) 🙂

But have you ever taken a personality test and thought “Well, yeah – that describes me sometimes, but sometimes I’m in a mood and I’m not like that at all!” I hear ya. Me too.

That’s why I love the Enneagram.

Unlike many other tests, where the results can be flat and reflect only one aspect of who you are, the Enneagram gives a very full and complex view – of who you are (and why!), what changes about you when you are stressed, and what you are like when you are in your power.

Love it!

My favorite part?

All of those things about you that make you YOU also affect your money.

The Enneagram has nine types, each identified by a number. No number is any better than any other number, and each has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Many people resist their type at first – because it is based on a core fear, it often isn’t the side of you that you most want to embrace.

But, the power of knowing your type and that of those you love is in watching your responses to the world, finding ways to gracefully overcome your fears, and use your strengths to your advantage – including with your money.

So, I’m going to out myself – I’m an eight. Eights are “Masters of the Universe” – powerful, dominating, and self-confident. Leaders, (and potential control freaks), our base fear is being harmed, controlled, or taken advantage of by others. When we are in our power, we move toward healthy two – friendly, generous, and self-sacrificing. When we are in distress, we move toward an unhealthy five – detached, isolated, and stuck in our own heads.

Knowing that I’m an eight, I know my potential issues – feeling uncomfortable giving up control in a relationship, which with money disempowers the other person and damages our ability to work together as a team. Or having a hard time trusting others to take care of things in my business, which limits my income – and my happiness – because I have to do everything.

I also see (and feel) as I move more toward growth. Empowering people, having deep, close conversations, and giving my time, attention, and money to someone else feeds my soul, and are what my business is based on. Focusing on more of THAT and building on my strengths makes me more money, and helps me make aligned decisions with the money that I do make.

Whether I am standing in what makes me ME or not affects how I make, spend, and save money. Always.

And understanding someone else’s Enneagram type gives you a completely different perspective on where they are coming from, what is important to them, and why they may be reacting the way they are – to whatever is happening.

As I integrate these types into the work that I do, I’m realizing how very powerful it can be in guiding people to money freedom, and I’m so excited to share.

Want to join me?

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