At Clear Sky Bookkeeping, we understand that the money in your business and the money in your personal life are intricately connected.

Money stress or leaks in one area shifts the other.

So while we do have separate packages and services for “bookkeeping” and “coaching”, all of our bookkeeping clients get time with us, and all of our coaching clients get information about systems and money structures (but we teach you to use them).

All of our work revolves around three vital aspects of your money:

  • Clarity – knowing who you are, what you want, and how you want to feel,
  • Control – having the systems and structures to not only keep track of your money, but the basic foundation of which numbers to pay attention to (and which you can ignore!)
  • Alignment – the tools and techniques to close the gap between who you are and what you want, and where your money is going.

Traditional bookkeepers cover part of the control aspect, by tracking your money for you. Some good financial planners and accountants care enough to help bring you clarity.

But we are the only company that integrates all three money aspects, in your business and your personal life.

So, where should you start?

If you would like any level of bookkeeping support for your business, start here.
If you would like to make changes with the money in your personal life, start here.
If you would like to work together with your partner or spouse around money, start here.

Or if you want to have a free consultation to talk with us about your situation, click below!


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