Emily of Clear Sky Bookkeeping has been instrumental in making sure my business finances are in order. Unfortunately, some bookkeepers do not do what they say that they are going to do – and I found this out the hard way when Emily looked at my books and realized that my bookkeeper hadn’t done any work on them in over three months! She took the time with me to get to know my unique situation and multiple businesses and projects, fix what the other bookkeeper messed up, and then continue to keep everything organized and in line so that I can know what my financial picture is.

I would highly recommend Emily to any small business owner. Bonus: Emily works with web based accounting programs like Wave and Xero – many bookkeepers will not do this, and these are the programs that many soloprenuers prefer.

– Stacy Erickson Edwards, Organized Social Media and Home Key Organization


Working with Emily as a personal money advisor was powerful. It really transformed how I think about money and emboldened me to make changes I’d been thinking about for years but never felt up to. She made me excited to engage with my income and spending and to try new approaches and habits with both. She helped my husband and me to see our beliefs and patterns about money, to be compassionate with each other and to get more aligned with our choices. Emily is a truth-teller who will help you get right with your dough. I only wish I’d used her services years ago!

– Rachel Carey Debusk, UnstillLife.com


Emily’s work not only changed our financial situation but changed my husband as well: he became more involved in our day to day money management, he used resources to erase our unsecured debt, and now he takes initiative to stick to the budget – and she never said a word to him, she only coached me!

– D., Seattle, WA


What did I get from working with Emily? I now have a practical and sensible relationship to spending that I didn’t have before, with a whole new way to relate to my money and achieve my financial goals.

The most important thing for me was to help me see a spending plan as opposed to a budget. I do spend money and I work to have a lifestyle that resonates with me. I have been able to live into owning my dream car and how I feel when I am in it, and to understand that there is security for me in having a well filled savings account. I have a new awareness of my relationship to money and my EMOTIONS and my HEART, and I have eliminated emotional vampires that were getting in my way. Emily is an amazing money coach!

– Nina Kent, Bothell, WA


Emily combines naked truth and brutal honesty with a no judgement approach that makes me feel safe. She focuses on manageable solutions, not bandaids, and can see right to the core of the matter, with heart and without criticism. Because she has lived it, felt it, and can show me clear ways to change my situation, I have been able to create positive/successful thinking and actions that clearly put me on a different path. Emily sees outside the boundaries of finances and understands how behaviors and attitudes are directly linked to my financial status.

Incredibly, just talking to her (or hearing her talk) puts more money in my back account – how does she do that?

And she’s cooler than EVERY other money coach on the planet.

– Dawn Spiegelberg, Bodywise Bodywork, LLC


Before I met Emily, I don’t think I ever really addressed my money mindset issues. I got myself into a lot of financial trouble in my 20s, and just accepted that my 30s was going to be about learning to live with the stress of never having enough, making payments on my cards forever, denying myself any ‘treats’ until I got this sorted.

But the great thing about Emily was that she gave me the supportive, loving space to open up about my fears and challenges, and I could begin to actually tackle them. With her help, I was able to stop feeling guilty about how I managed my money, and actually take the steps to become financially responsible – for the first time in my adult life. Over the past 6 months, I have managed to keep track of my spending, and actually either keep within or come under the budget I’ve set for myself, and save money. Most of all, I don’t stress about managing money, nor do I fear it, and have clarity and a mature way to handle it.

So, thanks again to Emily. I know that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to confront my ‘money demons’ and finally break free and take control of my finances, without her help.

– Sarada Chaudhuri


Emily guides participants to identify and challenge their own non-constructive beliefs, thoughts and feelings around money in order to make room for more abundance and financial freedom, with less stress. She has a wonderful down-to-earth approach, weaving her own personal experiences, stories and humor throughout. This is not just a “here’s how to budget” workshop; this is about going deeper, getting real and transforming your relationship with money.

– Susan Farley, Director, Career and Alumni Services, Bastyr University


For years I’ve been searching for someone to help me organize and better control my finances, but everywhere I looked, all I could find were certified financial planners who were only concerned with investing. How could I invest if my main problem was keeping my credit card balance in check?

As a creative person, the idea of money equalled “math,” something I wasn’t good at or had much interest in learning. This is where Emily comes in. She helped me quickly identify the leaks in my monthly spending and see exactly how I was always ending up with a 2 or 3k on my credit card, no matter how many times I cleared the balance. She also prompted me to explore my attitudes and informal education about money.

But best of all, she’s completely non-judgmental of you and your financial habits. She takes a potentially sticky, uncomfortable and self-revealing topic and makes it light and easy.

– Danielle Oteri, Feast on History


Every time I talk to Emily I have a breakthrough!

– Tracy Tobler


I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Emily on my family’s financial plan. Her approach is refreshing, realistic & effective, [and] is based on defining your highest values & how your money can create the life you want. In the past I have been intimidated by managing our money. After working with Emily, I am confident in making powerful financial choices that support the life we want to create. Our savings has tripled. We have saved 6 months income in an emergency fund. We have saved over $500 in monthly bills, and we are making large monthly contributions to investments. It is not just a quick fix but a new outlook for our financial success now & in the future.

– Kristin White


Working with Emily has changed the way I feel about money. She has taken the confusion and emotion out of the equation, and I am finally feeling as if I have power over my finances instead of the other way around. Emily truly understands a person’s relationship to money…whether it be emotional, practical, or even spiritual. I have a clearer view of my financial future and the possibilities than I have ever had.

– Judith Bigham, Judith Bigham Designs